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November 22, 2015
This Bio is what i'm thinking and may not make sense.... so good luck with that!! 

Ham, Hammy, Gay and C**t are just a small list of what nicknames have stuck with me over the years of education... or in-fact the ones I can remember....

As you've probably guessed by watching... I mean LISTENING.. Sheldon (Alex) & I are completely different which in my perspective makes us very funny and odd. (also a great couple!!) You would think with Sheldon being so different to me he may not get on with me but for some reason we formed this weird loving friendship which clicked into this beautiful functioning flower... awwww so cute..  

I have a weird life, I try to keep myself happy as can be!! even if anyone tries to put me down or SHUTS ME DOWN!! I have an attitude of 'lets see where this goes' or 'oh well'. Most of the time I don't give a FUCK I just get on with shit. I come across as someone who is very much a joker, I try to get on with everyone as possible.. because why not?! I'm someone who normally doesn't succeed with the most simplest of tasks... But I think that is what stands me out from everyone else. I am a joker like I've said and I try to make everyone else's day a lot more happier or annoying because shhhiiittt what else can I do!!!! 

What I really want to do is travel the world, all you need is the essentials: Phone, Wallet(MONEY), Passport all you really need.... Exploration is an Adventure!!

One of Hamish's quotes:

You make the adventure happen!! 
-Hamish Martin  

If you've got this far on reading or skim reading this lil extract congrats to you........ ahhhh... yeh......        

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