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How to Make a Podcast

There are many reasons to start a podcast. We discuss some of ours, and then the technical information that we had to teach ourselves. We tell you what hardware we use, as well as the software. Hopefully it is useful information for anyone interested in starting their own podcast!


A Short Trip to Berlin

"Don't mention the war" - Basil Fawlty

This episode was recorded in Berlin, although Hamish wasn't with us so instead Alex is joined by Michael and Luke. They talk about what they have done so far on the trip, everything from tourist attractions to public transport.

Image above shows our view for breakfast each morning overlooking the city from our rooftop balcony.

Regrexit and Pokemon Go

The results of the referendum are still fresh in the minds of most people, so we share our thoughts. Then we move on to Pokémon Go...if you haven't heard of it then come out from under your rock! Honestly, neither of us play it, but we have heard an awful lot about it.

There is also a YouTube video here showing a compilation of our time in Kavos, as discussed in last weeks episode.


Kavos 2K16

We devote this episode to our holiday to Kavos! We had a fantastic time, and met some amazing people. 10 out of 10 would holiday again. It went very quickly and we're sad to be back in England, but at least it's a lot cooler.


Olympics and Smoking

We talk about our opinions on the new smoking laws in the UK. Alex also provides Hamish with some surprising information about the 2016 Olympic games. We'd also like to stress that no dildos were harmed in the making of this episode.

Link here for the video mentioned in the episode.

Berlin and Maths Papers

Find out what links a car park in Berlin with an Edexcel mathematics paper.

The link for the video mentioned in the episode is here.

Holidays and Reviews

Holidays are only a couple of months away! We delve into our own plans, then take a tour of some of the funny reviews found online for a number of different unusual items. Also find out what should not be used as an alternative to balloon animals...


Revision Season is Here!!

Tips for more effective revision now that its getting to that time of the year for anyone sitting exams. Also we talk a small amount about some of the things we see in relationships. Have a listen to find out more!


University Life with Harry

We have an amazing guest on to come to talk about life at university. We want to find out about things to help people who need to know a bit more about it, people like Alex. Harry talks about workload, budgeting, food, social life and jobs, with plenty of entertainment and funny stories as well.


Hamish & Alex’s Festival Advice

Festival season is fast approaching. There's lots to prepare for, so here is an episode all about our own experience.


From equipment to take, like Alex's kettle, and tips for when you're there, we cover everything we've learnt.